Having a comfortable bedroom is vital for a good night's sleep. From its modern design to great amenities, it's important to create a space that is both inviting and functional. This includes features like built-in storage, fridges, customizable LED lighting and hot drink facilities. Not only will these features make the room look great, but they can also help organize your space, making it easier to work throughout your business trip. 

The amenities we chose for our bedrooms also contribute to your overall comfort, including luxurious bedding, a comfortable mattress and mood lightning that help create a cozy space. The air conditioning system ensures that you stay cool in the summer months while keeping the room at warm and comfortable temperature during the colder season. The full-length windows provide and extraordinary view of the airport runway which make it ideal for any aviation enthusiast. However, the black-out curtains make sure you have a good night's sleep as we believe it is essential for your productivity and overall well-being.

The bathrooms are sleek, modern and leave nothing to be desired. Equipped with rainfall showers, hairdryers, high quality toiletries, bright lighting and huge mirrors they are the perfect environment to begin your day in.

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